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Sales is all about the process, right? If you follow the leading methodologies (MEDDIC, SPIN, Challenger), or sell in the acronym-filled world of SAAS, you’d be hard-pressed to conclude anything else.

Well, I’m calling bullshit.

High performing salespeople aren’t process-obsessed. They’re client-obsessed. That relentless focus on their client means they’ll bend the world to make good things happen. In the best moments, this involves more than a small dose of creativity.

I’ve always been astounded at how creativity is ignored as a value driver in sales. Especially, as in our work at True & North, we see first-hand how creative…

What if TV ad sales embraced a client-centred approach?

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The media market has never been more fragmented. There’s a huge downturn in committed advertising, with brands increasingly wanting measurable conversion over brand building.

Despite offering the safety and conversion that brands want through a wealth of new digital touchpoints, networks are struggling to remain relevant in a world where TikTok and Snap are dominating headlines, and Google and Facebook are taking the lion’s share of digital media budgets.

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Trust is society’s glue. For people to live and work together, to feel safe, and to feel like they belong, they need trust. When trust is absent or weak, things fall apart. And yet no matter where you look today, trust is being called into question. Whether it’s within government, business, the media or even between one another, poll after poll shows that trust is in decline and the fabric of society is being eroded.

According to PEW research, in 2019, the majority of Americans believed that trust in government and each other was declining, and that the news media…

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Ever hit a brick wall when trying to sell to someone in procurement? These notoriously tough, highly trained professionals are experts at commoditising any offer.

That reputation leads many of us to step into a procurement negotiation with the hatches battened down, prepared for the worst. While there’s a benefit to preparing for the worst (as it tells you what point you should walk away), it’s not the right place to start.

Taking an adversarial stance means that you fail to uncover value for procurement or creativity that could differentiate you and close the best deal. …

True and North

We unpack and simplify the behaviours that govern successful client interactions ⬆️⬆⬆️ #Masterclientengagement

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